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Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Business & Asset Seizures

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you have lost track of your company, our Business Asset and Seizure services can help owners regain control of their business.

As a last resort, sometimes control of a business must be wrested from current uncooperative managers or officers operating with their own agenda. While generally done on behalf of absentee ownership, the compelling reasons generally include preventing further assets from being liquidated, suspicions of fraud or embezzlement or the execution of an ex parte order from a court.

Our services are designed to help business owners, corporations, and officers gain control of a business being led down a failing path due to uncooperative or unresponsive management. We have handled different cases across the United States since 1998.

WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS also works with Court Appointed Special Masters in multi-jurisdictional, fraud cases assisting to locate, seize and inventory millions of dollars in assets identified as purchased with the proceeds of the fraud.

Hospitality & Lodging Industry Investigations

Recognized as experts in the industry, we have acted as consultants to major Colorado ski resorts, golf course developers, hotels and restaurants. Unlike typical “secret shopper” services, our integrity investigations offer our clients an easy to read and comprehensive integrity report based on a practical and real understanding of your business.

Our integrity investigations are not limited merely to “honesty” of your employees. Conducted by investigators who have actually worked in the industry, they report on “customer service” but also identify security issues and suggest areas of improvement. Reports include staff names, date and time of visit, physical descriptions, activities of staff, potential liability issues and cleanliness of staff and premises, both inside and outside.

Restaurant reports include everything from how we were greeted to portion control, food preparation and presentation, bartender etiquette, premise cleanliness and observed theft (or over-charging) issues. We also take it a step further and point out potential health risks and possible contamination issues. We test your staff and report on how they behaved or acted with minor problems (security of the kitchen or other “secure” areas); and how managers treat and handle minor issues.

Similarly, in hotels or resorts, we report on front desk activity, check-in, problem resolution, room cleanliness, and complete bar / restaurant reports (if required). Moreover, your hotel staff will not know when we will be there (and subsequently be calling ahead to the next hotel in the chain to warn them). We also investigate security threats, security flaws, areas of improvement, and potential risks to staff and patrons.

In short, we provide essential information with which to make improvements – or changes – or give appreciative recognition to appropriate staff. We’ve seen all the tricks, so why hire an amateur “secret shopper”? Are they licensed as an investigation agency? Are they thoroughly trained in – or have they previously worked for – the hospitality industry?

Qui Tam

With the development of whistleblower protection and consequences for non-compliance under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), a requirement exists for independent private investigators to be called in, investigate and issue reports on whistleblower complaints which appear to be credible.

In these delicate situations, the company’s regular accounting firms and law firms will not necessarily be considered truly independent. WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS, LLC can provide the needed independence and expertise in a wide range of corporate investigations.

We can provide an required anonymous venue to receive the reports of anonymous whistleblowers. (Section 302 of SOX states: “Each audit committee shall establish procedures for the confidential, anonymous submission by employees of the issuer of concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters.”)