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Research & Investigations

Research & Investigations

Forensic Audits

WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS Financial Investigations department has helped companies save millions of dollars since 1989. Our goal is to identify financial fraud, embezzlement, scams, theft, and corporate misappropriation of funds.

WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS’ president, Greg Caldwell, uncovered a multi-million dollar embezzlement and exposed a rogue IRS auditor by personally performing a forensic audit on seven, brother-sister corporations located in three states and successfully negotiated restitution from the embezzlers. We also exposed a $5.1 million dollar insurance scam involving alleged organized crime figures.

WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS investigators help companies, small and large, find the information they need to make appropriate financial decisions. Depending on the complexity of the case, WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS also works with some highly qualified Certified Fraud Examiners or Certified Public Accountants who are qualified as Expert Witnesses.

Intellectual Property

To protect your company’s assets and other valuable, proprietary information, certain elements and guidelines must be in place. Without them you have virtually waived your protection.

Don’t wake up one morning to find out your customer lists are gone along with your former vice president of marketing who now works for your competitor.

If you don’t know what these guidelines are, you may recover your information through costly litigation, but the damage already done through prior publications will be irreversible. Our investigations help you, not only retrieve loss property, but protect yourself against possible attacks and theft by other competitors or your own employees.

Comprehensive Background Services

The premise is simple and cost effective. Know with whom you are dealing! Whether it is a new a new vendor, a potential business merger or acquisition, or someone inserting themselves into your personal life, protect yourself against the unknown.

To paraphrase Warren Buffet, “Risk comes from not know what you are doing – or with whom you are doing it.”  Having adequate information is insurance for any decision.

Get the information and regain the confidence required for these important decisions. An employee can represent a tremendous asset or a huge liability – make certain you aren’t just guessing about yours.

From simple, flat-fee, public-information background investigations (including social media) to in depth expanded background investigation for business decisions or pre-litigation research, WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS can help.