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Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Physical Security Consulting Services

Although the need for threat assessments didn’t begin on September 11, 2001, it was put into a new context after that date.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 1992 to 2010, an average of 700 workers were killed every year.  To put it another way, of all the homicides in the U.S., 17% of them were the result of workplace violence.

The American Management Association surveyed 500 companies and nearly one-fourth stated that a minimum of one worker had been attacked or murdered on the job since 1990. Almost one-third stated that a violent incident has occurred more than one time.

Today, those internal threat levels have increased, along with the requisite awareness and potential harm of business interruption from outside threats, including terrorist activities, both domestic and foreign.

Whether it is to provide a safe environment for your stakeholders and customers or is to avoid expensive litigation, a security audit is an important step in protecting your business. For instance, foreseeability (the “prior crime rule”), does not require the business owner know who will commit the crime, when it will occur, or what type of crime specifically will occur. It is a precept requiring business owners to take the very risk of crime into consideration while managing the day-to-day affairs of their business.

We start with a comprehensive audit of possible threats to persons and property. This includes an analysis and assessment of threat potentiality for all possible targets: Executives, their families and property – sensitive equipment and information, trade secrets and intellectual property, then your employees, customers and visitors, etc. At the conclusion of the audit, WHITE HAT SOLUTIONS prepares an in-depth evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of existing policies, security systems and programs, along with suggested augmentations.

Cyber Security

Mr. Caldwell has conducted cybersecurity training to employees and members of large law firms, industry associations and Inns of the Court.  Working with peer companies, White Hat Solutions assists with penetration testing, phishing, social engineering and USB “baiting” for companies to test their employees and network security, prior to training.  The failure rate for many companies has been a wake-up call both to regularly schedule and improve upon their internal training.